Awards Night at the Faculty Club~Class of 2017

​International Baccalaureate Diplomas

Samphors Moeun
Bhupesh Nagarathinam
Svetlana Okovacki
Ariana Ozga-Reinecke
Naman Pant
Joyce Tan
Hallie Trono
Nadiya Zuk

Daniel Chen
Darian Chen
Matthew Danyluik
Jennifer Fang
Eric Hsiao
Chelsea Lau
David Li
Grace Li
Shivangi Maheshwari

 Mitchner IB Award and Harry Ainlay IB Scholarship~ Nadiya Zuk

The Dr. E.A. Mitchner Award is presented annually to the IB Diploma Student who has attained the highest combined score in the IB Diploma Program. This year we had a three way tie. I would like to congratulate Nadiya Zuk, Daisy Xu and Liyifan Yang as this years winners.


Harry Ainlay IB Scholarship is handed out to a student who has excelled in the IB program, as well, has shown excellent character throughout their time in high school.
The aim of all IB programs is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help create a better and more peaceful world. This describes the winner Nadiya Zuk very well. Nadiya has shown academic commitment, as well as being involved in many school activities.  
Congratulations Nadiya!

Maia Ranking Art Award and Fine Arts Award~    Habeebah Mohammad    

Habeebah Mohammad’s passion in her art focused on her play with color and brushwork with a focus on representing “Simplified Beauty” as her Art 30 Theme.  She always walked into the studio after a weekend, lugging a canvas or a piece of artwork that she had worked on and finished. When it came to her Art 30 show, she took the initiative to help others set up once she was finished hers. Habeebah never backed away from challenging herself with mixed media, and if something didn’t quite work, she would whitewash it and start all over. Nothing phased her, and I was in such awe watching her giggle when she was working on a piece, or hear the excitement in her voice when she was describing a technique or specific piece she had planned. Her workbook was jammed packed with ideas, reflections and experimentation with an assortment of media. Oh, and I forgot to mention that she was new to the school. What a tough thing to accomplish when you arrive to a new school in your grade 12 year. Habeebah was always open to constructive criticism and was very willing to offer support and ideas to her peers. During her spare time, she volunteered at the AGA working with young artists. I am so honored to have had the opportunity to teach her this past year and to be giving her both the EPSB District Art award, as well as the Maia Reinking art award.

Curricular Drama Award~ Joel Cicaluk

Over the past three years, I have had the distinct pleasure of serving as Joel’s Drama 10, Drama 20, Drama 30, and Advanced Acting 15, 25 & 35 teacher.  He is – without question – a young man of exceptional dedication, creativity and humility: a gift to his peers and a delight to work with as a director. In both class work and in production, Joel successfully combines intelligence, intuition, and dedication setting the standards for his peers in the performing arts.
As a grade 10 student Joel whetted his appetite in the one act production of ”Legoland” by Jacob Richmond. This was a very difficult and fast paced hour long one act. The amount of props and the energy required to keep the pace at rapid speed was truly exhausting yet exhilarating to watch.
In grade 11 Joel asked me if he could co direct a play with Brandon as well as act in Jeoung’s one act. I carefully said yes and they launched into “Never Swim Alone” by Danial McGivor and “Tuesdays and Sundays” by Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn.
This was also the year that we put on “Wizard of Oz”. Joel took the role of Scarcrow and danced and sang his way into the hearts of every audience member. Needless to say this was a very busy year for Joel. 

Joel also joined Young company about this time
In Joel’s last year at Ainly, Joel took on a wonderful play called “Gruesome Playground Injuries” by Rajiv Joseph. I watched his growth as a director blossom as he explored the text and blocking to create the look and understanding he was striving for. Due to circumstances beyond our control Joel was unable to stage his production to the great disappointment to all.
Joel is a stable, willing and intelligent young man who can troubleshoot under pressure-filled conditions.  He was always calm and ready to pitch in when needed back stage for mainstage and for festivals. He can be counted on to attend and support all the theatre that is staged in the school. It is with great honour that I present the drama curricular award to Joel Cikaluk.

Cocurricular Drama Award~ Brandon Carothers                      

It is with pleasure that I award the co- curricular theatre award.  It has been my privilege to be Brandon’s drama and advanced acting teacher these past three academic years.
Brandon’s first involvement in the Drama Department was acting in a student directed piece, “Pillow Talk“ by Peter Tolan for our one act festival . This last year Brandon pushed through and put up an exemplary piece of theatre “Little One” by Hannah Moscovitch.  He was able to take this one act to the Zone 8 Festival and came in as the runner up for provincials. He is thoughtful, hardworking, good-natured and willing to take risks.  He has a quick wit – offstage and onstage – and a gentle ability to bring diverse personalities together to work in a productive manner. 
During the 2015-16 one act festival Brandon codirected and acted in “Never Swim Alone” by Daniel MacIvor. Brandon not only gave a strong and believable performance but also provided explicit moral support to his peers with his 

presence during the festival for other performances as both an audience member and deck hand.
Without question, Brandon was a wonderful influence on the company.  He is generous, understanding, appreciative, and balanced - with a strong sense of the importance of family and community.  In all contexts, Brandon works steadily, efficiently, and takes direction with grace and humility.  He is a delightful young man.

W.O McLean Mathematics Award~    Rushil Patel    

    "The W.O. McLean Mathematics Award is presented annually to the student with the highest combined average in Math 30-1 and Math 31. This year’s recipient is Rushil Patel whose 99.5% average topped all other scores. Rushil is a respectful, diligent and courteous young man whose reserved demeanor belies his passion for mathematics. His parents shared that even as a small child, Rushil was crazy for math, finding an allure in the challenge of solving problems with numbers. Rushil himself admits that he and math always got along, but he also credits his teachers for stoking his enthusiasm for the subject. He expressed appreciation for all of his teachers at Harry Ainlay, especially his calculus teacher, Mr. Ben Luchkow, for his caring guidance and charming character. Rushil has earned several scholarships and is currently enrolled in engineering at the University of Alberta. Please join me in congratulating Rushil Patel who is this year’s winner of the W.O. McLean Mathematics Award."    

Zuberbuhler Physics Award~ Damanveer Bhogal and Raj Sathya Sai     

I am proud to present the Zuberbuhler Physics award. This award is given out to the student with the highest overall physics mark after blending the in class and diploma results.
100% on the Diploma is a demanding task, and 100% from the teacher is even more challenging, however this year we have two students who managed to achieve this goal.
I unfortunately never had the honour to teach these students, however here are a few words from their teacher Mr. Jones.


“Both these students provided great insight into daily discussions. They showed an amazing thirst for knowledge and a passion for perfection. They always wanted to know why things worked. It is this type of passion that makes great scientist and engineers. It is students like this that can go on to be the next Nobel Prize winners in science.”  
I wish Damanveer Bhogal and Raj Sathya Sai all the best in their future studies.

Robert Herzberg Chemistry Award~     Damanveer Bhogal    

I am very excited to offer this student the Robert Herzberg Chemistry Award! I really am excited for both of us because this student is so serious about his studies I’m not sure he really can get outwardly excited!
In the three years I taught Damanveer Bhogal, I wondered if he would ever behave like a teenager.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that Damanveer was born already grown up.  He is the most mature student I have ever taught.  Right from grade 10, Damanveer considered education the most important aspect of his life.  He paid complete attention, took responsibility for his learning and asked the most pertinent questions during and outside of class.
I know that Damanveer will be successful in University and in life.  He prioritizes, has excellent time management skills and is obviously very academically talented. I hope one day our paths cross in some professional capacity because I would be honoured to learn from him one day. 
Congratulations Damanveer, I couldn’t imagine this going to a more deserving candidate!

Harry Ainlay Biology Award~ Grace Konrad (accepted by sister Emily)

Grace is an intelligent and diligent student, always prepared for learning and demonstrating an in-depth understanding of concepts covered in the course. Grace impresses with her quiet confidence and strong work ethic; she helps those around her and is never too busy to explain a concept if asked. It was truly a pleasure to teach her and I am certain she will make an amazing nurse; her patients will be lucky to have such a knowledgable and hard working person to care for them. Congrats on an amazing finish to Biology 30 Grace! (from Ms. Teeuwsen) 

Oliver  Lantz Science Award~Aidan Bowe 

Aidan is a quiet and focused student, always prepared to learn, asking questions to clarify concepts if required. He excelled in class and ever strived to know all concepts fully, which is evidenced by his 100% overall in the course- amazing! It was a pleasure to teach Aidan and I wish him luck in Engineering this year at the University of Alberta. Way to go Aidan!(from Ms. Teeuwsen)

Math Science and Technology Award~ Shikar Gupta

The District Math, Science, and Technologies Award is for a student who demonstrates exceptional academic achievement, is an engaged learner, an ethical citizen and is motivated and disciplined.
This student has consistently achieved honours with distinction in his three years of high school. His Math and Science marks are always in the upper 90s or 100%. While at Harry Ainlay he had a perfect attendance record!
As his Chemistry teacher I have noticed the way the students sitting near him experienced noticeable improvements in their grades. 

His enthusiasm, values and work ethic are contagious.
He was also involved in his school community (such as link crew and open house) offering both his service and his infections positive values. He is resourceful, self-reliant, resilient and a positive influence on those around him. I am very pleased to present this year’s Math Science and Technology Award to Shikar Gupta.

Director's Awards~Catherine Labbe, Eugene Lee and Michael Smith

Director’s Awards
We are fortunate at Harry Ainlay to have so many talented students in our music program.  The only time that becomes a problem is when we have to choose a few special ones to represent the many.The Harry Ainlay Music Parents Association makes it possible for us to present scholarships to these students in appreciation for the hard work, dedication and many hours of rehearsal time that go into our many performances throughout the year.
I would like to ask that Catherine Labbe, Eugene Lee and Michael Smith join me up here now.

Catherine Labbe
Catherine was one of many outstanding musicians that we had at Harry Ainlay last year.  In grade 10 and 11, Catherine played French Horn in the Concert Band.  In grade 11 Catherine also joined the Jazz Choir and in grade 12 was able to make room in her schedule for Symphonic Band.  Beautiful tone on the French Horn and a beautiful voice in the choirs.  Catherine was also a featured performer at her graduation last May.  We wish her the best in her future and know that she will always have music in her life.
Eugene Lee
A very busy young man, being involved in so many of the varied programs and events offered at Harry Ainlay.  On top of the meetings and activities, Eugene found time to be very involved in our program as well.  For the first year he was a quiet young man in the baritone saxophone section of the Concert Band.  Polite at all times, and friends to everyone.  In grade 11 he stepped it up a bit and auditioned for the Jazz Band as well as Symphonic Band and never looked back.  Although jazz was something new to him, he progressed quickly and was soon a major contributor to both of these ensembles. 
Eugene continues to be very busy at university but also continues his love of music and will hopefully continue this throughout his life.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith, what can we say…..  An interesting young man to be sure and definitely a talented young musician.  Michael came into the program in Grade 10 willing to play any of the saxophones so we had him play alto sax in Symphonic Band.  He also auditioned for Jazz band and made the tenor sax chair in Jazz “A”.  Throughout his years in both Jazz “A” and in Symphonic Band Michael was called on to play alto sax, tenor sax and also soprano saxophone when needed.  Those of you in attendance at last year’s Winspear concert will recollect Michael’s gorgeous solo on soprano saxophone.  I think the three years of music at Harry Ainlay educated Michael enough that he rarely plays Kenny G anymore….and we are all thankful of that.  I know that Michael will continue to keep music in his life and we are proud that he is a graduate of the  Harry Ainlay music program.

Outstanding Musician Award~ Jillian Buckie (accepted by Parents) 

Jillian Buckie came into the Symphonic Band in Grade 10 as a quiet young lady who sat in the French horn section and did her best to keep up with the older students in the ensemble.  In no time at all Jillian began to rise to the top of the ensemble as an excellent musician.  Jillian continued to work hard throughout her time at Harry Ainlay.  She was always someone we could count on to get the job done.  No matter the difficulty of the music, the number of solos, the lofty expectations – Jillian was able to cope…and always with a smile on her face.  I am sure that Jillian continues to use her talents this year in Ottawa and remains an outstanding ambassador for Harry Ainlay in everything that she does.
Mom and dad are in attendance to collect the award for Jillian……we trust the cheque will find its way to Ottawa and into Jillian’s    

Humanities Award~ Sri Puru

It is my pleasure to present the District Humanities Award to a grade 12 student who demonstrates exceptional academic achievement in English, Social Studies and Languages.
This years award recipient is Sri Puru.
 Sri is extremely caring, hard working, dedicated to academic pursuits and has a keen interest in school.
He has managed to balance his extracurricular and school responsibilities while maintaining an academic average of 94%.  Sri’s teachers commented on his passion for learning, emphasizing that Sri is curious about the world and challenges his understanding of it. Sri applies exceptional effort to accomplish his goals and  ensure the best possible results.
Sri has been involved in a number of activities within the school and 

community.  His role on the LEAF club, HASTE club, Math club, Badminton club, and Reach for the Top team at school have allowed him to explore his interests and impact his peers.  He is an outstanding role model and works hard in all of his pursuits. Sri is trustworthy, reliable and responsible.  His conscientious attitude and optimistic personality have led him to build strong relationships with students and teachers and have helped him to achieve very high standards.
Congratulations to Sri Puru    

 Physical education Award and Health and Wellness Award~ Sarah Wankiewicz

Our Physical Education award is awarded to our top student who exhibits excellence in physical education and truly lives our character values at Harry Ainlay. The second award, is the Edmonton Public Schools District award for health and wellness, and requires that a student has demonstrated a tremendous commitment to health and wellness throughout their 3 years in High School. In addition to this, the recipient must stand out as an engaged learner, an ethical citizen and an inspirational, and entrepreneurial young person.

This student deserving of these two awards stood out as a clear winner. 

She was a tremendous leader in her Phys Ed classes, earning 93% in Phys Ed 10, 94% in Phys Ed  20 and 100% in Phys Ed  30. She consistently worked hard and gave her best each day in class. Her positive attitude and willingness to work with her peers was impressive. She played handball and soccer during her 3 years at Ainlay, and took a lead role as a member of the executive involved in planning our annual handball tournament. Her teachers describe her as outgoing and well liked by her peers. She was always willing to help whenever and wherever possible. One teacher said very succinctly “she is simply a fantastic individual!”
Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in congratulating this year's recipient of both the physical education and health and wellness award Ms. Sarah Wankiewicz

Kinsmen Award~ Brandon Carothers and Grace Konrad (accepted by sister Emily) 

The Kinsmen Club of Edmonton’s Community Service Award recognizes a student’s commitment to community services and helping others. We are very proud that two of our Titans have been selected and honoured with this award and $1000.00 cheque, to be used towards their post-secondary studies.

Both students were actively engaged in volunteering in their school communities, but even more so outside of our school. Some examples include: volunteering for the Hope Mission, or for Orphanages in distant Countries, and closer to home in their community Church. This tremendous dedication by our youth is inspirational and builds a stronger World for all of us and we are very proud to celebrate this outstanding service to others.  Please join me in congratulating this year's recipients of the Kinsmen Salute to Youth Bursary:  Grace Konrad and Brandon Carothers.

Menzies English Award~    Garima Singh     

Garima is up here today because her words and stories live large. She is small in stature, yes; but her thoughtfulness, commitment to the truth, sharp humour, and humble kindness leave a large impression. In her English classes, Garima was always willing to share ideas, to take risks in her writing, to ask hard questions. And she seemed to do it all with a quiet nonchalance that belied the depth of her thinking and feeling. Well done, Garima. All the best as you pursue your studies at the U of A.

German Language Award~ Nicole Aubin

Nicole was an outstanding student of German throughout the entire three-year program.  She consistently achieved honours with distinction each year and was also recognized several times with book prizes by the German government for outstanding achievement. Nicole always gives her best effort and many of her projects also included a good dose of creativity and humour.  In her grade 12 year, Nicole also achieved her B1 qualification by successfully writing the Sprachdiplom I.  Her final mark in German 30 was an amazing 97%!!  Nicole was also enrolled in the French Immersion program and was an outstanding student in that program.

French Language Award~ Nadiya Zuk

Nadiya was a wonderful French as a Second Language Student who throughout her three years achieved honours in French. She was always eager to practice each new concept and loved the challenge of incorporating each new skill into her spoken and written French. She was motivated to strive for her personal best in French and to keep growing as a second language learner. She also completed her Delf B1 exam and had  fantastic  results.
Nadiya, I have listed just a few of the many reasons you embody the qualities required to be this award recipient. Congratulations.     

Japanese Language Award~ (Pui Lok) Esther Lee

Esther has been an outstanding student of Japanese for her three years at Harry Ainlay High School.  She has excelled at Japanese in class receiving marks in the high 90s all three years of Japanese.  
She has outstanding speaking skills.  First, she participated in our Japanese Language speech contest all three grades and won 1st place in Beginner Speech Contest of Alberta High School Japanese Language Contest.  Esther was by far the best participant in the beginner contest. Second, she has worked on her conversation skills in Japanese.  She has made many close friends from Japan and she now easily holds conversations with them in Japanese.  She is still an active 

participant in our Tomodachikai group that makes friends and helps the Japanese students at our school.  
 Outside of class she has shown a keen interest in Japanese language and culture.  She has immersed herself in Japanese media, from J-dramas, TV programs to Japanese pop music.  She went on the Harry Ainlay Japan trip in 2016. Esther is continuing her studies in Japanese at the University of Alberta where Japanese is her major.  She has plans to study and then work in Japan in the future.  

 Méritas de l'Immersion Française ~ Avery Teo   

I have known Avery for the past three years as a teacher and advisor. Avery is a wonderful student that demonstrates what it means to be a French immersion titan. Over the years I have seen Avery grow into an amazing person who shows true commitment and passion for everything that he does. Avery was a pleasure to have in class because he was hard working, asked lots of questions and always tried to immerse himself in French culture. He showed this by taking every class he could in French, speaking in French during class, participating in the DELF exam, participating in Franco 7 every year and Francophilosophie as a performer. Just last week he returned to Harry Ainlay to perform yet again in Francophilosophie. His willingness to share his experience as a French Immersion student as well as his great personality has been greatly appreciated by everyone in the school. I believe that these amazing qualities will help him as he studies to be a French Immersion social teacher at the Campus Saint-Jean. Félicitations Avery!    

French Language Arts Award~ Selma Hammad (accepted by Mother Regine) 

This year’s recipient is Selma Hammad.
Selma Hammad started her journey as a late immersion student at McKernan Junior High. Selma started learning French in grade 7 and became fluent by the end of grade 9. Selma succeeded well academically in all her subjects because she had high expectations of herself, was highly motivated and curious. Selma was always well-prepared, attentive, 

collaborative, and took responsibility for her learning. Selma was enrolled in French Language Arts 30 IB, taking on the extra demands of an IB course. Her writing showed thoughtful ideas and care. She was eager to implement new language skills which were evident in her spoken French and when she participated in Francophilosophie and sung a song by herself in French. Selma is a true model for this award.
Félicitations Selma!

 CTS-Communication Technology Award, CTS-Career and Life Pathways Award  and CTS-Construction Award ~   Christian Montiel   

I am honoured to present the following 3 CTS awards to an incredibly deserving student.  The Communication Technology award, the Construction award, and The Career and Life Pathways district award go to Christian Montiel.  While reading some of the character attributes describing eligibility for the Career and Life Pathways award, I swear that they were written with Christian in mind.
Christian is an incredibly motivated, engaged learner.  Status quo is an ugly word for Christian; one that has not place in his vocabulary.  He has an entrepreneurial spirit.  He sets big goals, connects with individuals with big vision, yet still maintains a pleasant, agreeable disposition that makes him the sort of person that people really want to have on their team.  In my years of teaching, I have learned that once in a while, a different sort of student shows up in the classroom.  And when I recognize  
this sort of student, and it doesn’t take long, the best way to teach is to step aside and let them fly.  I would like to show just one video production, created for the 2017 Grad Historians, that demonstrates the caliber of work that Christian does.  For any of you who have watched Saturday Night Live over the decades, this video piece really does look like an intro to SNL.  [show video clip]
Congratulations Christian. Now go finish editing!  I need that piece for tomorrow….   

​CTS- Fashion Studies Award~ Lauren Schmidt

The Fashion Studies award winner is Lauren Schmidt.    Lauren demonstrated a strong talent in pattern drafting and garment construction. She took pride in her work and chose and designed projects that challenge her and help her to grow.  For 2 years in a row Lauren worked as a member of a group of students who designed and sewed a collection of clothes that was showcased at Kingsway.  Lauren was lucky enough to be chosen to compete in Fashion Technology at the Skills National competition in Moncton NB as well as representing Harry Ainlay in the provincial Skills competition the following year winning the bronze medal.   Congratulation Lauren!                                                                

Harry Ainlay School Trust and Governer General's Academic Medal~ Grace Konrad (accepted by sister Emily) 

Harry Ainlay School Trust~ Avery Teo 

Winners we would like to recognize who were not able to attend the awards evening 

Outstanding Jazz ~ Jacob Do
Director's Award ~  Harry Jeon
Director's Award ~ Edie Muldrew      
Raymond Webb Social Studies Award ~ Joanna Ng
  Spanish as a Second Language Award ~ Antoni Stefanicki
  Mitchner IB Award ~ Daisy Xu
                                             Michael Woollet Art Award ~ Heaven Zhan                                                    
  Technical Theatre Award ~ Rebecca Cave
                                                    CTS- Design Studies   ~  Di Fei Xu                                                                
  CTS-Foods~  Ashley Tunney
Mitchner IB Award ~ Liyifan Yang